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India's cruel horse-carriage industry claims many victims, but Akshay isn't one of them. When he was confiscated during an investigation of the industry, he looked as if he had never had a day of rest or a healthy meal in his entire life. He was thin and dehydrated, he had a gaping wound on his ankle, and his hooves were painfully malformed.

Today, he is safe from abuse and neglect and enjoys daily grooming, weekly baths, and lots of exercise at Animal Rahat's sanctuary.

Many other horses just like Akshay are still out there in urgent need of help. Working horses are usually underfed, given little water, and forced to pull overloaded carriages in heavy traffic on exhaust-filled city streets. Illnesses and injuries frequently go untreated, and these gentle animals are often worked to the point of collapse.

Please sponsor a horse like Akshay today!

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