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Sometimes, neglect can be as cruel as outright abuse, and that was the case for Tracy, a camel Animal Rahat rescued from a circus. In India, camels are often forced to "dance" and give rides for human entertainment. Without proper care, they can become lame, infested with parasites, and dehydrated to the point of losing their signature hump.

Tracy now resides at Animal Rahat's sanctuary, where she isn't forced to perform for anyone and receives the medical care that she needs and deserves. She's healthy and spends her days roaming the sanctuary grounds with her friends, the other rescued camels.

Each year, Animal Rahat rescues many animals from cruel and neglectful situations, giving animals like Tracy a chance at a life free from the exploitation and abuse that they'd long endured. Your gift today will support the organization as it helps more animals get the attention and care that they need.

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