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Nandi was just a calf when he was abandoned. Without a caretaker, he had no way to feed himself beyond eating whatever he could find—including nearby farmers' crops. This desperate attempt at survival made poor Nandi so unpopular that villagers beat him and were even planning to kill him.

When Animal Rahat veterinarians found Nandi, he was tied to a wall so tightly that he was unable to lift his head and his neck and legs bore painful wounds from the beatings that he had endured. He was immediately given veterinary care, and today, he lives peacefully at Animal Rahat's sanctuary, where he enjoys his daily grooming sessions.

Bullocks like Nandi are often forced to pull overloaded carts without adequate food, water, or rest. Their ill-fitting yokes can leave serious wounds on their necks, and injuries, untreated infections, and exhaustion are common.

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