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When Animal Rahat discovered young Amelia, she was wandering the streets in agony, with gaping, untreated wounds on her neck and thigh. She had been attacked by dogs and was in dire need of medical attention. Animal Rahat cared for her, and she came out the other side of the attack stronger than ever. Today, she's fearless and friendly, with a sense of adventure much like her namesake, Amelia Earhart.

But Amelia is one of the lucky ones. Right now in India, thousands of donkeys just like her are being worked to death hauling enormous loads of bricks or gravel on their backs for miles in all types of weather, often without food, water, rest, or shelter. When the tired animals get sick or injured, many are simply discarded by the roadside, where they might starve or face the same dangers that Amelia survived.

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Bank Routing & Account Numbers

To make a payment directly from your U.S. bank account, you will need to provide the routing number for your bank, as well as your account number. Both of these numbers can be found at the bottom of a check issued for your bank account.

At the bottom of your check you will find three numbers - the routing number which is always 9 digits long for U.S. banks, the account number which can be up to 17 digits long, and the check number which will match the number found in the upper right corner of the check. These sets of numbers can appear in a variety of orders on your check. However, you will always find the routing number surrounded by this symbol ACH Routing Symbol, and the account number will always be to the left of this symbol ACH Account Symbol.

Please use the image below for an example of how your routing and account numbers may appear on your check.

Sample Check:

The routing number comes first and is surrounded by the ACH Routing Symbol symbol, the account number comes next and is followed by the ACH Account Symbol symbol.

The CVV2 is shown as 3 digits after the credit card number on the back of the card.