Animals Driven to Despair—Help Save Them!

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The journey to the Chinchali Fair, an annual festival in India, brings great hardship to thousands of bullocks, ponies, and horses who are forced to run for two days straight hauling carts jam-packed with large families. Along the route, the animals often collapse from exhaustion, injury, dehydration, and despair.

Your donation today will help provide them with crucial veterinary treatment for joint dislocation, torn muscles, lameness, yoke gall, and other painful conditions.

Better still, through the use of compulsory rest camps, many of these injuries and ailments will be prevented in the first place.

Best of all, the buses that Animal Rahat hires will take families to the fair at no cost to them and allow some bullocks, ponies, and horses to remain at home, where they can benefit from much-needed rest while their owners are away.

The Chinchali Fair is quickly approaching, and Animal Rahat needs your help right now to make these ambitious plans a success. Your generous support will change the lives of so many animals put at risk during this annual celebration.

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